The least intrusive and most cost-effective way to screen and improve your Sleep Apnea.

Go2Sleep's exquisite ring shape, weights only 6 grams. There are abundant capillaries on fingers which make the signal more accurate compared to conventional wrist band devices.The proprietary SleepFit™ algorithm is applied for more precise data.

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Go2Sleep with the international advanced hardware, using 660nm and 940nm dual-wavelength reflective PPG sensor to detect finger arterial capillaries, sample rate is 50 Hz, calibration range SpO2 70-100%.

Share your sleep data with friends and family

By adding your family member's account, you can keep an eye on your family member’s sleep data any time.

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Go2Sleep is really comfortable to wear due to it's small size, feel the high comfort of your sleep! Just in few seconds you'll forget about it! Precisely works in all conditions, during the night does not require bluetooth connection with your smartphone.


and silent

Go2sleep was created in cooperation with specialists in data processing from the USA, doctors of medicine from Great Britain and programmers and engineers from Shenzhen.


for health

Sleep parameters are stored in Sleepon App available on iOS and Android, from which the analysis of the generated report may be a reason to consult a doctor and to thoroughly examine the state of health.

Go2Sleep concept

Go2Sleep was invented and designed by Sleepon. Claus He, co-founder of the Sleepon company, is a Silicon Valley expert in the field of research and development of medical products worn technology. In 2011, he designed the BASIS smartwatch, which in 2014 bought INTEL for $140M.

The idea of the Go2Sleep device was born as a result of scientific research conducted in the USA on the issue of sleep apnea, the massiveness of its occurrence, and the risks it brings.


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Better Sleep, Better Life

Sleepon View supports both Mac OS and Windows:

Mac: OS X 10.8 and above
Windows: Windows 7 and above (32 i 64-bit)

App can import your CSV sleep data, generate minute detail charts, and support image output, so that you can print data easily.

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Better Sleep, Better Life.

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